Mineral Sector Development

Strategies for sustainable and inclusive mining and trading.

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ASM and the Environment

Solutions for ASM in protected areas and critical ecosystems.

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Community Engagement

Mitigating social conflict and enhancing development.

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Conflict Minerals

Responsible mining practices and sourcing from conflict-affected areas.

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Sustainable Supply Chains

Social and environmental compliance from mine to market.

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Responsible mining and sourcing

Unlocking the power of minerals to deliver sustainable and resilient futures.

Customised Solutions for Mineral Value Chains

Estelle Levin Ltd. (ELL) provides research & advisory and training & facilitation services to businesses and interested stakeholders along mineral value chains.  Our work enables responsible mining and sourcing and best practice artisanal and small-scale mining.  We create customised solutions for clients to address sustainability issues and build resilient futures.

Announcements and News

November 2016 Newsletter
A lot is happening at ELL and we have several exciting developments to share. Connections ELL core staff will be attending the following conferences over the next month and would (...) Read more >

ELL Blog

Dodd-Frank Section 1502: the future of due diligence if Dodd-Frank is repealed under the new presidency

President-Elect Donald Trump has pledged to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act, and with it the conflict minerals provision, Section 1502. The intended outcome of Section 1502 was to limit the potential (...)
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A Chain of Victimisation

A Latin American case study of the victims of illegality – including miners, women, children, and the environment. This blog is part of the series Follow The Money: How to (...)
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