Social and environmental compliance from mine to market.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Social and environmental compliance from mine to market.

What drives compliance or non-compliance in a supply chain?  Economic motivations, social and political contexts, and trading cultures are just a few of the factors.  We believe in taking a holistic look at supply chains and their surrounding ‘ecosystems’ to help clients drive improved social and environmental performance at every tier from mine to market.  In order to improve conditions in the mining, manufacturing, processing and trading of minerals, we advocate for more transparent supply chains and fairer trading relationships.

We engage with brands, retailers and suppliers to understand how they source, the motivations of procurement teams, their product specifications, the relationships they have with their suppliers, and their CSR/sustainability aspirations.  We also work with miners and their trading partners to help them understand responsible sourcing programmes and the sustainability expectations of the market. We examine options for mitigating risk and/or developing best practice at the level of individual supply chains, companies, and for industry initiatives.  We help buyers do risk-managed mineral sourcing, in line with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance and other applicable standards. We have addressed sustainable supply chains challenges and opportunities for precious metals, diamonds, gemstones and conflict minerals.

We recognize the importance of industry initiatives, guidelines, standards and certifications to build supply chain sustainability.  We leverage these initiatives and tools with our clients where appropriate.  We also help design and improve public and proprietary codes of conduct, standards and certifications, and systems that drive and incentivise compliance.

We have worked for over a decade on this issue, helping craft fair trade and responsible sourcing programmes and initiatives and designing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) supply chain management programmes.  We have occupied advisory roles to support the development and application of a range of standards. ELL director, Estelle Levin, presently serves on the Standards Committee of the Responsible Jewellery Council, and the Technical Advisory Group for Fairtrade Gold .