Mitigating social conflict and enhancing development.

Community Engagement

Mitigating social conflict and enhancing development

Industrial mining projects (often referred to as large scale mining or LSM) often face situations of reticent host communities and/or find that artisanal or small-scale miners (ASM) already inhabit or are poised to infringe upon the concession.  Mismanagement of engagement with ASM miners and the communities can lead to delays, work stoppages, community tensions or in the worst cases violent conflict. It also affects the company’s bottom line. It is of vital importance that companies engage with communities and develop solutions for addressing ASM early on in their project development and have a strategy for maintaining and enhancing community engagement over time.

ELL works with mining companies and other interested parties to meaningfully engage with the community, understand the social and economic dynamics, and put forth policies and practice to engage effectively with ASM and communities.

We work from the mining communities to the boardrooms on risk management and community development strategies.  We conduct baselines, impact assessments, surveys, and censuses.  This evidenced-based approach informs strategy, management planning, and implementation assistance. We also train management, specialist staff, and contractors in best practices in community engagement, ASM and implementation of performance standards.  We link our work where needed to CSR strategies and reporting.

We have engaged with communities across three continents and have over a decade of ASM experience and CSR know-how and practice.  Our team is trained in participatory methods and data collection and leverages good practice and performance from standards such as the ICMM Sustainable Development Principles, the IFC Sustainability Framework and the Voluntary Principles on Human Rights.  We are frequently brought in as specialists to support larger teams conducting Social Impact Assessments.