Our Work

ELL’s service offerings leverage our experience in development issues and business management and build on our knowledge of environmental management, mining engineering, gender, human rights, ethical sourcing, and good governance. We create customised teams and projects depending on our clients’ needs. The following are just a sampling of the types of work we undertake to help our clients address sustainability and create resilient futures.

Understanding the problem/opportunity.

  • Conduct due diligence and situational analysis through field research, desk research, and stakeholder enquiry.
  • Offer cartography services to supplement research and analysis.
  • Conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessments.
  • Provide supply chain traceability services (e.g Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry for Dodd-Frank Compliance).
  • Benchmark performance against accordance with international standards.
  • Conduct gap assessments and comparative analysis of competing / complementary initiatives and standards.
  • Assess feasibility of programmes, projects, initiatives

Building solutions.

  • Advise on strategy and policy.
  • Create risk management plans, management system design and implementation, and resettlement options.
  • Develop codes of conduct, standards and auditing processes.
  • Link specific mining value chain issues to CSR/sustainability strategies, implementation and reporting needs.
  • Develop and implement pilot programmes.
  • Design cohabitation strategies for ASM and industrial mining, and ASM and protected areas.
  • Design & facilitate workshops for joint problem/opportunity identification, solution identification, planning, and evaluation.

  • Support multi-stakeholder processes through facilitation, project management, expert advisory input, brokerage.

Creating Know-How and Buy-In.

  • Develop educational materials and webinars.
  • Provide customized training for staff and suppliers.
  • Design and implement supplier and stakeholder engagement and capacity building.
  • Public speaking to educate people on responsible mining & sourcing.

Evaluating Successes and Failures.

  • Design monitoring and evaluation structures.
  • Monitor and evaluate projects and programmes.