Our Vision

ELL supports a vision of responsible mining and sourcing where continuous stakeholder engagement is practiced, environmental protection and rehabilitation are the norm, and transparent supply chains become a competitive advantage.  Careful engagement happens in the most challenging social and political situations, giving new life to conflict affected areas and fragile states.   

We believe artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) is an important and viable route for sustainable development.  Our roadmap for ASM includes:

  • Mining companies and downstream users of minerals in the supply chain work to achieve inclusivity of ASM through responsible mining and trading.
  • Governments, NGOs and other institutions provide an enabling environment for this to happen.
  • ASM miners take ownership of solutions that bring commercial benefit and economic development to their communities.

We aim to find solutions to all of the challenges the mining sector and its stakeholder communities face, unlocking the power of minerals to deliver sustainable and resilient futures.