Our Approach

We realise that business models and enabling environments won’t change overnight but we beleive that this should not inhibit meaningful progress towards achieving our vision and mission and servicing our client’s ultimate need.

 Our approach is:


  • Evidence-based.  We aim to understand the problem via desk and/or field research and stakeholder inquiry.  We are active listeners and use evidence and our experience to underpin our analysis and design strategy.
  • Customized.  Every situation is unique.  There are no “off the shelf” solutions and every environment and situation comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities.
  • Solutions-oriented.  We aim to develop practical tools and prepare our clients and their stakeholders to implement solutions through training and capacity building.
  • Responsive.  We work from the basis of our experience, but are willing to have our beliefs tested and minds changed.

We work collaboratively with our clients before, during, and after our projects to understand the context, our proposed solutions, risks, and opportunities.